Revitalizing the Greater Whitehaven community of Memphis

Our Purpose

The purpose of GWERC is to revitalize the Greater Whitehaven community of Memphis, Tennessee through a joint effort of residents, businesses, churches, and agencies as follows:

 To encourage, unify and direct citizen communication, cooperation, strategic planning and other efforts aimed at enabling the Greater Whitehaven community to reach its full potential through the revitalization of the redevelopment of the business district and the promotion of economic development in the area; 

 To encourage, assist, advise and participate in any neighborhood, citizen, and/or government agency of efforts to foster public awareness of the assets and amenities available in the Greater Whitehaven community and to assist in securing any official or unofficial recognition of these amenities and advantages 

To solicit, accept, hold, administer and expend gifts of money, securities, or other property of whatever character in pursuit of carrying out its programs; and to carry out any other function related to these purposes not inconsistent with law.

About Us

Governing Philosophy

We commit to fostering a more collaborative relationship between community and corporate stakeholders.  We seek to balance our efforts to ensure both entities (community and corporations) see the reciprocal benefit in the viability of both parties.


 To build broad-based alliances that stimulate financial investment and strengthen the community's economic base by creating opportunities through residential and commercial development, fulfilling community needs for goods and services, and creating new jobs. 

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GWERC Memphis

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